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Quick Suggestions As You Get Started Planning Your Wedding

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Planning a destination wedding involves a lot of coordination and plenty of time for preparation.

Without time and planning, it might keep you awake at nights worrying about details, announcements, reservations, locations, catering…the list can feel endless. Without proper guidance and proper knowledge, things may seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth. It’s advised to start planning well in advance, like at least 6 months before the auspicious day. Activities like choosing gift registry locations, choosing wedding rings, selecting a best man and maid of honor, writing vows and other miscellaneous items should be done well in advance to avoid last minute hastiness.

The wisest thing that you can do to start is to decide on a budget. Allocate funds to each department, like catering, flowers, cake, traveling, hotels, attire, and miscellaneous expenditures. This estimate may not be very accurate, but still it gives you a firm base to start. Many people estimate the total budget by calculating expenditure per person. This might be a good idea, if you already have an idea about the total number of guests.

The budget estimate will more or less tell you about the destinations that you can afford for your wedding: perhaps a large local wedding, a wedding in a nearby city or a destination wedding on a Caribbean island or a resort with a handful of guests may suit your budget and your preferences.

While choosing your destination, you need to make sure it is a good time of the year for that place. If you really want to feel certain, you might wanna survey the location well in advance, to get a feel of the place and negotiate with the wedding planners in that area. We’d advise you to hire a planner because they can help you select a location to hold your nuptials and the reception. They likely know the best photographers, caterers, florists and transportation for your ceremony-and perhaps how to get the best rates by working out a package deal.

If you are planning on choosing a destination location and want your guests to travel with you, inform all your guests many months before the wedding date. Traveling to an exotic location can be expensive and time consuming, and you don’t want to lose guests just because they weren’t informed well before. You can make travel arrangements with your close friends and relatives, so that you all reach the place together and perhaps coordinate accommodations. If you already hired a wedding planner, then accommodations can likely be reserved for you to save yourself a lot of hassle.

Marrying in an exotic location comes with own share of legal requirements. This is another reason why it’s helpful to hire a local wedding planner. Native planners are familiar with possible legal complications, time delays, certification requirements and fees.

Other arrangements such as catering, flowers, music, booking the location, finding an officiant, planning transportation to the wedding location and reception can also all be handled by a planner. If you find a planner right from the beginning, you can consult in person or in phone consultations to get a realistic idea of budgeting, ideas you haven’t thought about, photos and testimonials from other couples they’ve worked with and lists of things to remember to pack to be sure the process is smooth and romantic.

Ideally, you’ll want to spend the months leading up to your wedding finding a dress, telling loved ones, enjoying parties and dreaming about the moments ahead. You can indulge in details as much as you want-or hand off as much of it as you wish to a planner. Every bride has her own preferences and every couple has something that feels perfect for them. Your dreams may be large and fancy, or small and simple. All things should be spectacular when you’re planning the day to celebrate a union for the rest of your life! A little planning, a lot of laughter, and a bunch of imagination are the best ways to ensure that’s exactly what you get.

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...The ceremony absolutely blew us away and the reception, (which seemed to go by in a blink!) was a blast!... The lanterns were perfect and all of the details and decorations were executed beautifully.

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