St. John Wedding Planner

Reception Locations

Our wedding receptions are generally in restaurants or villas:

Restaurant Locations

Some clients prefer the formality and comfort of a restaurant setting for their wedding reception. Our planners work with the best restaurants on St. John. After determining your preferences on location, menu and style of restaurant, your planner will suggest options to meet your vision. Read more about restaurants we recommend.

Caneel Bay Restaurant for St. John Wedding

Villa Locations

There are only a handful of villas on island that are able to accommodate weddings.  We specialize in knowing each of these villas and their unique characteristics.  We are experts in matching a wedding couple to their perfect reception villa.  Read more about villas we recommend.

St. John Wedding at Villa Great Expectations

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...The ceremony absolutely blew us away and the reception, (which seemed to go by in a blink!) was a blast!... The lanterns were perfect and all of the details and decorations were executed beautifully.

Kendra & Ray