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Wow, what an adventure! I had no idea how exhausted we were going to be when we got back home. Lots of emotion as well, my youngest daughter getting married really hit home. I love my son-in-law and all of his family, but it is still emotional for a mother!!!
Again, the flowers were gorgeous, only wished I could have kept them forever!
The East West Catering did a phenomenal job, and I understand the bar now as well. That cake was absolutely phenomenal. We could not have asked for anything that had more flavor and was so moist and delightful!
Again, thank you Kati for your professionalism. We had a wonderful time. You were certainly there to ease my stress and that you did very well! It was so nice to have you help me through. Our entire group was so easy to entertain, as you might have seen! We do know how to laugh and enjoy life and each other! When the father of the groom asked me if I was ready to jump in the pool with him, it was just too much to resist. The mother of the groom, myself and many others jumped in the pool at the engagement party for the bride and groom. We certainly had to start that party again! Again, thank you Kati for everything. We will be back to St. John and I will give you a call. Looks as though my middle daughter may be getting married, but I am praying she let’s me get these last two weddings paid off first!

We cannot thank you enough for EVERYTHING you did for us. This event was EXACTLY what we had envisioned and we had a wonderful time. We are truly grateful for everything you did! The event went perfectly and it was better than we had imagined it and all our guests had a wonderful time!Diana & Kevin

Chris and I wanted to say thank you again for everything! All of our family and friends have told us what a wonderful time they had and we know this wouldn’t have been possible without you and your staff. The entire day was stress-free, and everything looked amazing!!!

Again we cannot say thank you enough for everything you’ve done!!!

Jessica and Chris

Everything WAS perfect so thank you both so much for making it so. The ceremony absolutely blew us away and the reception, (which seemed to go by in a blink!) was a blast! Everyone seemed to have such a good time. The lanterns were perfect and all of the details and decorations were executed beautifully.

Kudos to you and your team, thanks again,Kendra & Ray

Thank you so much for everything you did for the wedding. The wedding and reception were everything we wanted and more. The food especially was AMAZING and everybody loved it! Michelle and the staff were great and everything came together and was incredible. Thank you again for everything and if we ever decided to come back to
St.John and renew our vows you’ll be hearing from us!

-Ashley & Dan

I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for all your help in planning our wedding. It was so beautiful and absolutely perfect. The food was amazing and the cake was the best I’ve ever had! Your team was nothing but professional, polite, and happy throughout the entire evening and Michelle was awesome. Thanks again for everything!


Thanks so much for helping with our wedding and the last minute location change. Didn’t know how that would happen but it did and it was beautiful.


We had such a perfect wedding day! Thanks to you, Michelle and Kwana for helping make that happen.
Again thanks!

Tiera and Ross

I was extremely pleased with the ceremony and the reception. No complaints at all! Thank you for everything.



Thanks to everyone at Weddings by Katilady and St. John Wedding Planner for making our special day amazing!!!! It couldn’t have been any better!!!! Your staff was top notch the entire event and the food and cake were delicious!!!! Amber & Zach

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...The wedding and reception were everything we wanted and more. The food especially was AMAZING and everybody loved it! Michelle and the staff were great and everything came together and was incredible...

Ashley & Dan