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Why Do You Need a Professional Wedding Planner If You’re Planning a Destination Wedding?

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

To have your dream wedding in a destination location like an island or the Caribbean, you need to have everything taken care of; such as catering, flower work, arrangement of a perfect location, best time to get married, a grand wedding cake and competent photographers so that the auspicious day can be captured in all its grandeur. It can feel like a monumental task to keep a tab on everything. You, if you’re the bride, should be having fun thinking of ideas and indulging in pre-wedding festivities rather than being bogged down with florist arrangements, planning transportation and flights, scouting and organizing a location, determining what you need for a champagne toast set up for a beach wedding, what kind of musicians to hire, who the best photographer would be…the list keeps growing.

Even if you expect a lot of assistance from your friends and family, you can’t be certain of finding the best vendors because you are not familiar with the place. It’s not easy to organize so many people and get them to work to their full potential, because you can’t be everywhere at the same time. Plus, a place often has its own quirks and island flavors that you may not be familiar with if you aren’t a local. Understanding reputations, how timing works, what a restaurant is like and minute details can be overwhelming when you don’t know. There’s many more chances for things to go wrong or be forgotten.

That’s why you need a wedding planner! A planner is supposed to have all the contacts in that area, and once you set the budget of your wedding, it’s their job to make it happen within that budget. A wedding planner should know how to convert your ideas into reality. A good planner will pay attention to every detail you mention, because small things can make a lot of difference. Preferably, your planner should have a vast experience in organizing destination weddings. Someone you can completely trust with handling one of the most precious moments of your life.

The best planners are usually ones that have lived in the location for many years years, and have successfully handled a significant number of weddings in that place. Apart from handling every aspect of your wedding arrangements, a bonus would be if she also handles the catering and cake arrangements herself, instead of outsourcing it. This puts a lot of menu selections at your disposal, and reduces the overall cost. Plus you’re relying on less people to coordinate something, meaning less chances for breakdown. The planner should walk you through all the legal formalities of getting married at St. John, arrange your wedding at the location of your choice, and schedule the ceremony for the perfect moment.

The planner will sit with you, and hear you out on how exactly you want the wedding to be performed. He or she will make it a point to incorporate every minute detail; such as the music selection, flower selection etc. A good planner always remains calm during adverse situations. She knows what’s best for her clients and will offer personalized suggestions based on her qualified experience in destination weddings. A lot of couples panic right before their wedding. They need someone to be resourceful and clear up to the last minute.

A good wedding planner will take a lot off your shoulders. And you will be able to enjoy the wedding without stressing about budget overruns or about forgetting something important. Traveling for one of the most significant events of your life is a wonderful, blessed event to prepare for. Spend your time getting excited rather than stressed. A seasoned wedding planner can give you a beautiful, elegant and a grand wedding, which will not be forgotten for a long, long time.


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We wanted to say thank you again for everything! All of our family and friends have told us what a wonderful time they had and we know this wouldn't have been possible without you and your staff. The entire day was stress-free, and everything looked amazing!!!

Again we cannot say thank you enough for everything you've done!!!

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